Jenkins integration with Terraform

I am trying to run my terraform script through jenkins but I am getting terraform not found error. I checked terraform version in jenkins it is 1.5.7. I am not sure why it is throwing error.

Below is my jenkins pipeline
pipeline {
agent any
environment {

  BUILD_TARGET = "s3_tf"

options {
stages {
stage('Preparation ') {
agent {
any {
reuseNode true
steps {
sh ‘echo “Preparation and checkout”’
deleteDir() // Clean workspace
checkout ([$class: ‘GitSCM’,
branches: [[name: ‘*/s3_tf’]],
extensions: [],
userRemoteConfigs: [[credentialsId: ‘gitlab-credential’,
url: “${GITREPO_URL}”]]])
stage(‘init_and_plan’) {
steps {
sh “terraform init”
sh “terraform plan”

Are you building on the Jenkins server or using a build agent node?

It is on jenkins server

How did you install Terraform on the Jenkins server? Current version of Terraform is 1.7.4

IIRC you are running Jenkins in a container. So installing Terraform on the Docker Host isn’t going to get it into the container.