"Jenkins Create View" validation failed

I am getting below error, please help if someone faced the same.

‘devops-crons’ view doesn’t exit or job ‘devops-test-job’ is not listed under it
FAILED test_jenkins_view.py::test_jenkins_view - AssertionError: - 'devops-cr…

For now I have skipped this task, but even after doing right I am getting error. @mmumshad can you please look on this, I think many people are facing this.

Hi @Dhirendra-Vats,
Thanks for reporting this. Can you please share the exact steps via DM? I will check this.


I checked from my end and didn’t find any issue.

HI @Tej-Singh-Rana I have share you screenshot where you can see the job is inside the the assigned view, Although I have skipped that task…how to perform it again ?

Hi @Dhirendra-Vats,

Please be careful while skipping the task. Once the task is skipped, it’s skipped, we can do nothing.


I am having issues with this task too. Will you check that for me please ?
Here are the screenshots :

im facing the same issue