Jenkins Course by Michael Levan

Hello everyone,

I just finished the “Full Pipeline Deployment” lesson in “Pipelines” and ran my GO Web App successfully via Jenkins. I even did it inside Ubuntu but in WSL, dockerized it and everything.

One thing that’s puzzling though is that after I go to (http://localhost:8000/#/login) where the vue.js app is deployed and type in test as username and test as password I get a msg saying Failed to loggid-in.

I mean, when i run go run main.go in the actual go app test and test work. I noticed that Levan didn’t attempt a log in either when he deployed it in the video.

So my question is are there going to be additional steps when I start with Blue Ocean and then securing Jenkins that would make me be able to log in or am I missing something?

Thank you!

When you first run Jenkins the initial admin secret is in the logs. You can then use this to create a user. If you are using Digital Ocean and a public IP then make sure it is a strong password.