Java Intro Labs Question 06

Hi… going through the labs for the Java intro… got to question 06. Perhaps I’m being stupid but how do you find what .gz file to download via the internet?.. what do you search for?.. i.e. where did you get the following download link from:


Hi Beaz,

Check the example below and hope it helps you :

Thanks for the help… wasn’t obvious and/or I was just putting the wrong search criteria into google.


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Have same issue…
If I use the link:

  • in windows I get an Oracle prompt to Login or Create Account
  • in the Lab, the download does not proceed

If I use the link (from the Lab)

  • in windows will download directly
  • in the Lab, will download

How do I get the first link to work? I cannot find a similar link (as in Lab)…


You want to download this tar file? then try with wget command.

Lab expired, so using the cento7 VM created with vagrant; installed wget using yum
wget seems to download

but the file is not the archive
tar errors

You have to use correct extension according to tar archive used. As you can see that it used at the end .gz so command would be tar -xzf file-name.


link from Lab downloads

using tar on openjdk file partially works …eventually it exists with error

eventually found a link that works…
however, only curl command downloads correctly;
using wget seem to corrupt the archive and the tar command only partially works;