I've bought the CKA exam since the last booming cyber Monday in July 2022. (disc . . .

phuc kk:
I’ve bought the CKA exam since the last booming cyber Monday in July 2022. (discount $100 from $375 to $275, now I heard that It’s increased to $395)
I did it at 5 am (August 20. GMT+7) yesterday and passed!
Thank so much to @Mumshad Mannambeth your course is so amazing! That’s the best course! and thank @Duy Chu and @unnivkn for the good advice. so now I want to share my experience of the exam.

Firstly, I’ve have trouble with my camera (I used full HD camera) in reviewing the ID part. The proctor couldn’t see the Name, and the Credential on my national ID card, so I have to place my ID card to the Desk and hover the camera to focus on it, it took more than 15mins but failed. :frowning:
The proctor asks me to change to the passport where the characters is bigger. I tried many ways to keep my passport and camera most stable. but I spent more than 15mins to confirm the passport because of reasons like with above, sometimes the proctors said “I apologize…” that make me quite sad, thank the proctor for your patience! I thought that I was not able to meet the eligibility criteria.
Fortunately, somehow the proctor told me to thank you, and the review exam environment session has begun, now it’s time I realized that It seemed the full-HD camera had been transcoded to the low quality because of VN internet although I borrowed my company room to take the exams. I followed the proctor’s instructions of the environment and after 45mins I finally can take the exam. :smiley:

In the exam, my experience is so bad!

  • Lag Lag and Lag, because of the internet connection to international, the speed was so slow (I don’t know where the POP that places the Remote Machine) that’s worse than the killer.sh so much. for anyone who takes the Exam in VietNam, be careful! You have to choose the best ISP internet and quality bandwidth to test. I got disconnected at least 2 times, and have to open again the psi browser again after that it’s normal
  • Sometimes It didn’t disconnect but It seemed to get hung for a minute and I couldn’t type anything on the remote screen. Only could press next and previous question.
  • My test questions is not much difficult as killer.sh. I can disclose the exam questions that have: Netpol, Ingress, cluster failed, backup/restore etcd, upgrade cluster, coredns concepts, no any related to jsonpath, and some question get cluster info to the file like the course you learn by the Udemy course and follow tightly the latest CKA curriculum.
  • I took 16/17 question because while I do the last one question I spent along time (and time was up, so sad) and many ways but still failed to run a pod (this question I’ve done many times in lab) inspite of the easiest way: “k run pod-name --image nginx” in that cluster. I don’t know why? I took the almost easy questions in the first hours and came back to resolve the more complicated questions
    until now I got a little bit stress during exam time, must admit it
  • I didn’t take the K8S the hard way because of my laziness. I wish to work harder.
    Finally, I got the certs from zero of K8S after 4 months 5 am this morning, August 21. Exactly 24hours. Many thanks to the Linux Foundation teams for your prestige!

Trung Tran:
Nice, thanks for the detailed feedbacks.

Gianni Costanzi:
Congratulations for passing the exam! I’m following the CKA course on udemy and I’m still trying to understand if I’ll be able to find the time to well prepare myself for the exam… I’ve seen that it’s now discounted to 250$ with a discount code and I don’t know if it’s better to buy it now or wait to see in 2-3 months how I’m doing with the study and then wait for another discount. Are big discount like 35% off frequent or rare?

Duy Chu:
Good job. :slight_smile:

Congratulations :tada: @phuc kk well done!!! . Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with all of us.

phuc kk:
Hi @Gianni Costanzi sooner you take the exam the more chances you have I think. so $250 is the best price. don’'t wait only it will be down more. Just take it