Issues with Tasks

By Jun 7, I got assigned with DNS Troubleshooting task.
I completed them successfully and the same was marked as completed.
By today[Jun 9], I got a new task assigned. When I went to check the new task, I came to know that the completed task DNS TroubleShooting was disappeared and was shown another task as Linux user expiry, and the same is marked as Expired. [ie. Tasks replaced and marked expired :frowning: ]
To the best of my knowledge, Iā€™m sure that the task was not assigned earlier.
Attached screenshot for ref

Can someone please check :frowning_face:

Hey Guys! We had a bug on our platform between June 5th to the 9th. As a result you might have seen repeated tasks being assigned and status missing from some of them you may be completed. We have fixed the bug now and restored data as much as we could. However some of you might be missing a task or 2 that you may have completed which are unrecoverable. Our sincere apologies for that.

Thanks for understanding and being with us.


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