Issues with task - change all occurances of string

Good Afternoon,
This is the task I was given today:

The backup server in the Stratos DC contains several template XML files used by the Nautilus application. However, these template XML files must be populated with valid data before they
can be used. One of the daily tasks of a system admin working in the xFusionCorp industries is
to apply string and file manipulation commands!

Replace all occurances of the string Random to LUSV on the XML file /root/nautilus.xml located in the backup server.

The task failed with this message:

Can you please check why the tasks told me to replace “string Random” to "LUSV " but the failed message said something different?

Thank you for your help.


@hvithval, have you clicked “Try Later” tab and then clicked “Go” again ?

Hello Selan,
Yes I was interrupted by my job and decided to do it later. Is that a problem?

@hvithval, Yes, the replace string may change every time when you get in (Go).