Issue with task verification

Hi @kodekloud-support3, @Ayman, @Inderpreet,

I completed the task “Application Security”, and apparently the verification did not agree with what I did. I could be mistaken, but I think the problem might be with the verification :sweat_smile:

Here is a capture of me checking my rules and saving them:

And here is me checking from the jump host that my rules does what was asked (block 8082, allow 8095)

According to the error message in the first capture, the issue comes from the fact that there is no rule created for 8095, to which I want to argue that there is in fact no need to create such a rule in the first place.

The backup server was provided with a default policy of ACCEPT, so unless I am missing something here, there really is no point is creating another rule to explicitly allow something that is already allowed by default right ?


@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3 @Ayman Any ideas on this ?

@madkonix I agree with your point here.

But what I observed here in KKE platform is that if the tasks have some specific requirements stated clearly, just follow them regardless.
Similarly if the task stated to allow port 8095, then the verification script will test if the port is added to the iptables and thus will fail otherwise if not.
This has happened same with me too in several tasks and have learned it the hard way. :slightly_smiling_face: