Issue with My First Task


@mmumshad @Inderpreet

From 8th June onwards i started my journey of kodekloud engineer.

I created my account and started working on the task.

I have also sucessfully completed the first task which is
“Create a Linux User with non-interactive shell”
Also got the success message after the completion.

But why in my dashboard this task is under “Incomplete status” and got expired even after successful completion of the task before due time.
I dont want to loose my ;points. please correct this if possible so that i may get my points back or once again give me this task.

Hope you will understand the situation.

Thanks and Regards
Maneesh Verma

There was a bug earlier which we fixed few days back. Can you please check and confirm if this is still an issue with your account.

Hello Indrpreet,

I checked that task and could see that it was made avaliable once again which i did sucessfully and submitted. It is not in Expired state now.
Thanks for looking into this.
Appreciate your effort on this.

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Hello @Inderpreet

I faced again the same issue for task 9 which is titled as “Apache Troubleshooting”

It got expired after submitting the task.

Could you please suggest here.