Issue with login to centOS 9

I Installed Oracle VirtualBox and installed CentOS 9.
I am unable to login Centos machine.
Entered username and password as mentioned in Osboxes website .

i am using Windows 10 OS. Is there any problem with it?
Please guide me to install the CentoS-9.

Hi @tushars6016 ,
What kind of error are you facing? permission denied or timeout??
If possible, can you please attach the error screenshot.


I am running into the same issue. It is a username/password issue. If I use osboxes for the username and for the password it does not work. Please advise.

root and worked. The default osboxes username was not allowing me to login.



If you become root user, use ls /home. You will find ‘osboxes’ user, set new password for osboxes with “passwd osboxes”. Restart your computer and try to login with new password.