Issue with Kodekloud Lab

Hello, when i try to load a lab on kodekloud for my Terraform course from udemy, it does not load the terminal properly. The window at the bottom of the terminal, where we are supposed to write and execute the commands, does not load. Sometimes it does load and appear, but after few seconds it disappears. Just before the terminal window disappears, it shows this line for a second “Indexing terraform templates: Indexing file:///root/terraform-projects/…”. After reloading many times, it stayed once and i was able to complete half the lab and suddenly, the window disappeared again. Since then, i have logged out and logged back in, reloaded the page, cleared the browser cache multiple times, but the terminal window never stayed, it disappeared right away.

Kindly provide me a solution to fix this problem, so i can continue my learning.

Hi @affanqureshi,
Instructions to open the terminal are in the file, you can also you can use the following tips about VS Code.