Issue with iptables task please correct my wrong result

I finished iptables task and clicked finish. It was working for some time so I clicked again on new task and new windows has been opened. I finished exercise again and clicked finish. It was working for a long time so I switch to previous window when I found out that finally my tasks has been finished successfully.
After few minutes I got time out on second window and in task window I see that my task has failed.
Below screenshot as I did it successfully. I hope you can correct it on the system
Thanks in advance


Hi @andrzej

That might have been marked as SUCCESS due to some system issue or something. I have marked this task as Pending for you, please give it an another try.


Fair enough Thanks !

Finished successfully ! Thx a lot. If you can re-assign banner task for me as well would be nice. There was issue with lab instruction as I mentioned in another thread.


Good to know!

Regarding banner task did you perform that one before we fixed issues from system side ?

Yes I reported even the issue with other thread. At that time there was no information where the banner is located.

ok, its Pending for you now.

Thanks for great support ! Task completed successfully.