Issue while setting up the virtual Box - Ansible

Hi Team, Facing problem while setting up the lab environment in the Oracle Virtual Box.(in my local laptop)

Steps performed:

  1. I have downloaded and installed the Oracle Virtual Box 6.1
  2. Downloaded CentOS Server 9(64bit) VDI from CentOS Virtual Machine Images for VMware & VirtualBox
  3. I am starting the virtual Box
  4. Here I am providing the login credentials for the “cent os stream 9”
    as per the instruction in the Ansible Learner Course.
    But everytime I am getting as “Login incorrect”

Please some one can help where is the problem and how to resolve this?

I am using Laptop - “Windows 11 Home Single Language”

Hello @shrav2004,
Try this.

username: root


Hi @Ayman
Thanks for your support.

with the provided credentials it is working. I am able to login now. Thank you.

Please help why we are using the root as user name as per the website it is,

Hi @Ayman and team
I am able to login inside the vm, but now I am not able to ping to anything. please find the below screenshot. Now I am not even seeing the options - “wired connected on or off.”

2nd challenge: not able to access this vm from outside from MobaXterm, directly getting error as -“Network Error:Connection Timed Out”
Please help.