Issue in seeing my tasks after opening kodekloud-engineer dashboard over a year


I have tried to open my kodekloud-engineer dashboard today after over an year and I am unable to see my tasks list. I can see the status on the top about how many tasks are complete/incomplete/failed etc but I can’t see the list below. I have attached the snapshot for reference.

Also, I’m not sure if I would be able to login through my old kodekloud-engineer credentials or is it connected to kodekloud platform through some SSO solution. So I was not sure what should be the login flow now. If I have missed any news on the migrations or anything else, then it would be great if you can direct me to the right documentation, otherwise it would be great if you can look into my issue with tasks listing. :slight_smile:


Hi @faisalsoomro,
Thanks for highlighting this. I will check with the KKE team.


Hi @faisalsoomro,
Did you get a chance to check our mail? One of our support members sent you a mail.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana
I have receive the email and responded back after testing it today. It seems like I’ve lost my progress for all the tasks as soon as I’ve resumed activity by removing Out of Office status. The tasks started back from 1 again I’ve lost all the previous points.

Sorry for the problem. Yes, old tasks are not visible in your KKE dashboard, but points are saved.

You can continue with the new tasks.