Issue closing task

I am trying to finish or try later my task, but since 2 days ago I can not
What have I to do?
I already tried more than 5 times

@mmumshad I have the same issue now. retried the task two times but when i click on finish, it take foreever to try to mark, then i get connection warning like @cilasbeltrame. Please help. Here my screenshots.
I have re-tried 3 times to do my task but the issue is the same. This is the first time am experiencing this issue. my internet speed is always good including today.

screen 1 screen 3

Just to give an update. After refreshing my task list now, it has marked. It seems there is an issue with the finish section for the tasks.

Thanks for reporting. I will take a look at this.

@Duncan I just tested this and it seems to be working. Was the status of your task successful? or failed? I need to know if it behaves differently in each case.

@mmumshad it marked the task successful. Thanks