Is it possible to repeat task "legally"?

I have just made an attempt on a new task. Unfortunately I have found task description not precise enough (it said to add dns, not replace dns) so verification failed.

Luckily I was able to just refresh page and could solve the task again but… is it possible to do this without such “hack”? I mean, task list in task list just shows information that task status is failed without possibility to start over… maybe such option should be added?

Hi, you will be assigned the same task again in the future.

Well, I’d actually prefer to use the time left for the task to fix my mistake. Especially considering I still had 2 days to finish and I didn’t make mistake: just acceptance criteria within validation script were different than what was actually described.

Anyway, I have solved my issue by refreshing page with task so it’s quite academic discussion now but please consider such scenario for the future. After all it might be discouraging for people to be punished (failure remaining in statistics) without reason (I know it is for me :slight_smile: )

To be exact the task in question was about adding google DNS to server configuration. /etc/resolv.conf already contained one server and google offers two public DNS ( and Since it’s possible to specify up to 3 servers it was absolutely correct to add those 2 without removing original one but as a result I got error that 3rd server was not public one from Google. This means that task should say to “replace with”, not “add” Google DNS…


Thank you for reporting this. Regarding task assignment we expect you to hit the finish button only if you are sure about your answer/solution. Moreover most probably you will be assigned the failed tasks again the the future so you can correct them next time.

Further as per the task description you are asked to add Google public DNS. There is no need to remove the existing name server if exits, task should pass even if you have one or two non-Google public DNS. Only expectation here is to use at least one Google pubic DNS.
Also there is no such error expected what you just explained in the description. Can you please share more details/screenshots if you have so that we can understand better what exactly happened behind the scenes.