Is it possible to ask for Linux OS instead of Ubuntu in CKA exam?

Mahammad Imran Khan:
Is it possible to ask for Linux OS instead of Ubuntu in CKA exam ?

Matthew Robinson:
You don’t get to choose which distribution of Linux the exam uses.

Matthew Robinson:
For most of the exam it really shouldn’t matter what Linux distro is in use.

The only time it will be relevant is if/when you need to install packages (perhaps as part of a K8s upgrade). In this case you’ll need to know which package manager is in use so that you can use the correct commands.

I think it is fairly safe to assume that the exam will be using Ubuntu and that you should be using apt to install/upgrade packages. You can always check the distribution by looking at /etc/os-release.

Am I the only one confused? I think you mean “other Linux OS…”. Matthew is right, the package manager for CentOS/Red Hat is yum or dnf, for Ubuntu/Debian is apt/dpkg. The system logs and some services called differently (httpd vs apache2) and some config files are on different locations, but I don’t think Kubernetes config depends on what Linux distribution you use.

Hello, @zboros
Yeah, you’re correct. But should know before sitting to the exam because of exam stress and time management.
We don’t have choice for CKA exam. We have to work on Ubuntu.