IP Table task failed. I believe i completed properly Please check

Hi Kode Kloud Team,
I believe i have completed ipTable task successfully . Looks like it error out.

Thank you

what is the error output?

i was trying to say: I had completed the job , but looks like during the validation at your end something happened and it registered as i did not complete successfully.

i have all the screen log, including commands i executed. . Please let me know if you need it

thank you

@Inderpreet would you please look at this one

@mehulr seems to be some connectivity issue. You can try this task again, its in Pending state for you now.

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yes, i see it is pending. Thank you Inderpreet .

@Inderpreet @admins
Not sure why task got failed. please verify below screenshots and let me know the conclusion.

@Narendra096 but you have not set open connection for particular ip addr. It’s open for all.

Hello @Inderpreet @Tej-Singh-Rana ,

but in question it was mentioned that you have to block or allow traffic for a specific Port(in this case apache and nginx ports) not for specific IP.(this is not the 400 points(firewalld setup) question. its application security one). i hope i am clear.
please let me know if i made any mistake.

What’s happened!!!
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