IP Address Not seen After IF Config like seen in demo

Hello Team,

I used IFConfig command from the terminal of CentOS, I dont see the ip# as shown in DEMO video

Left Screen Below from Demo Screen -Highlighted IP# doesn’t appear in my local machine

Right Screen from local machine

Please support

Are you able to ping to www.google.com from your virtual machine? @ravishankar.ramanan

Hello Tej, it doens’t seem to find at all

Enable the internet in the virtual machine. Setting is available in the top right.


You have an IP defined for the interface virbr0 with the IP

If you want to add it manually do: ip addr add ip_address/mask dev interface_name

You can see your ip using:

ip addr show

Try to ping with:

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Thanks Tej, it worked. :ok_hand: :ok_hand:
However, this could be included as a hint incase of missing IP

Thanks Cristian, it worked after I enabled Internet

The IP above is not the IP seen from DEMO, it expects from ‘enp0s3
anyway, I was able to see the IP now after I enabled internet