Instructions wrongly captured in the course - Docker Training Course for the Absolute Beginner

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Currently, i am going through the topic named - Docker Training Course for the Absolute Beginner and under the section - Demo – Example Voting Application - where you have simply asked to deploy the postgres DB container without any environment variable, Now if i run any postgres container without giving any POSTGRES_PASSWORD environment variable, it exits immediately. PFA the error -

[email protected]:~# docker run --name=db postgres:9.4
Error: Database is uninitialized and superuser password is not specified.
You must specify POSTGRES_PASSWORD for the superuser. Use
“-e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password” to set it in “docker run”.

   You may also use POSTGRES_HOST_AUTH_METHOD=trust to allow all connections
   without a password. This is *not* recommended. See PostgreSQL
   documentation about "trust":

Hence, password should be specified while deploying the postgres container.

– i have gone through the code of worker-node and in the code - postgres is the password used in the code.

so we should deploy the container for DB -

docker run -d --name=db -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres postgres:9.4

After creating the DB container with password = ‘postgres’, worker and result container works perfectly fine,…!

Vivek Kumar

Hello @vicky.kumar9559,

Thanks for sharing!