Installing and configuring web server

Hi Team,

I had a doubt about this task . I have installed httpd service and added Listen 8080 in all app servers. and created 2 static virtualhost files in /etc/httpd/conf.d and copied index files in /var/www/html respective folders .And restarted httpd.

when I hit the curl command like this curl every time showing 1st webstie index.html in server . when I hit the + symbol port to host1 also showing same index page . Is this configuration correct .When we get 2nd website index file .

Please remove the question. We should not publish them without KKE team approval.

I don’t have access to remove this

u should be able to edit the post.

ok Thank you . I removed task details

U should test with the sub direc like this
Dont forget to type “/” in the end when you test

I have tried already like you mentioned.