Installa and configure tomcat

Hello ,
can you please check out what went wrong with my tomcat server ?
I installed it properly using yum and then I configure the port 6100 .
Therefore , I copied the war file in /usr/share/tomcat/webapps , then I restarted my tomcat and used curl to check out if everything is all right?
This is the last snapshot I could get , I havent suceeded getting the one showing tomcat workingCapture1_tomcat

@bagam_fleury in your original answer I didn’t see you changing its port to 6100, did you by chance changed that after clicking on Finish ?

Hi @Inderpreet,
Of course I did changed the port number on 6100, you can check that out.

@Inderpreet ,
I’m still waiting for you to validate my task because I’m quite sure it was all good.