Install Docker Package, docker-compose vs docker compose

Is there any reason to install docker-compose from like separate binary? Why docker compose command installed from is not enough? Or is it only for the learning goals? But it seems obsolete. So on the github we can see " For a smooth transition from legacy docker-compose 1.xx, please consider installing compose-switch to translate docker-compose ... commands into Compose V2’s docker compose"

Hi alexeysmail,

Please refer this link to understand more on docker-compose.


Thank you.

Hi unnibb208,
My point is that docker-ce installation includes “docker compose”. And we don’t need install “docker-compose” from github. Or may be I don’t know the reason.

Hi alexeysmail,

Yup, you are right, please ignore docker compose installation in this case.

Thank you.

I can’t ignore it ). As the lab checks the presence of “/usr/bin/docker-compose”.

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Yep, I cheated to pass the exercise, I’ve added a bash script:

printf '#!/bin/bash\ndocker compose $@' > /usr/bin/docker-compose && \
chmod +x /usr/bin/docker-compose