Install and Configure Web Application

Hi all, currently having a blocker on one of my tasks.c.

There are two website’s backups /home/thor/official and /home/thor/media on jump_host .

Setup them on Apache in a way that official should work on link http://<<lb-url>>/official/ and media should work on link http://<<lb-url>>/media . (do not worry about load balancer configuration, its already configured)I have created IP Based Virtual hosts thus

DocumentRoot /var/www/html/official/
ErrorLog /var/log/httpd/official/error.log
CustomLog /var/log/httpd/official/access.log combined

But i still cant access the app via the IP?

Also how do i append /official in front of the IP and where will that be done?

Hi @kodekloud-support3
I am new to linux, could you please help me with the steps to install and configure web application.

I think you don’t need to provide server name and server alias. and in place of ip should be *:8080 and you can check that with help of curl command. that’s all what i am getting. Share task screen shot that i can help you more.

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In this task after installing http service and copying files to /var/www/html. i can access the websites from app servers but not able to access LBR from app server or Jump host.

The LBR host is not able to ping as well, is that expected behavior.

I am also facing the same issue
when I open the lbr with path names it is working. But it’s not working from the curl command. can any one help me in this task.

@Sravan please give it an another try.

With curl it will give error

but it will work with / at the end curl