Install and Configure Web Application - n topics


xFusionCorp Industries is planning to host two static websites on their infra in Stratos Datacenter. The development of these websites is still in -progress, but we want to get the servers ready. The storage server has a shared directory /data that is mounted on each app host under /var/www/html directory. Please perform the following steps to accomplish the task:

a. Install httpd package and dependencies on all app hosts.

b. Apache should serve on port 8080 within the apps.

c. There are two website's backups /home/thor/news and /home/thor/apps on jump_host. Set them up on Apache in a way that news should work on link http://<<lb-url>>/news/ and apps should work on link http://<<lb-url>>/apps. (do not worry about load balancer configuration, as its already configured).

d. You can access the website on LBR link; to do so click on the + button on top of your terminal, select the option Select port to view on Host 1, and after adding port 80 click on Display Port.

My solution:


  • yum -y install openssh-clients


app server(s):

  • yum -y install httpd
  • vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
#Listen 80
Listen 8080
ServerName {stapp01|stapp02|stapp03}
<VirtualHost *:8080>
    DocumentRoot "/var/www/html"
    ServerName {stapp01|stapp02|stapp03}

    # Other directives here
  • httpd -t
  • systemctl start httpd
  • systemctl enable httpd
  • systemctl status httpd
  • systemctl restart httpd


  • curl http://{stapp01|stapp02|stapp03}:8080/apps/
  • curl http://{stapp01|stapp02|stapp03}:8080/news/
  • curl http://stlb01/apps/
  • curl http://stlb01/news/
  • “Select port to view on Host 1” => port 80

My Issue:

The Verify step has nothing unusual, the content of file index.html is shown. But, like the others, the result is Failed:

  • " ‘apps’ webpage is not working on App Server 1 "

I had this task before, a different solution was approved.
This time, the solution from last time and the solution above are Failed.

And, I see many topics complaining about this type of issue.
It would be greatly appreciated if someone can explain the cause.

Thank you very much for reading my topic & Sorry for my bad English.


Can some one from the community help me to do this task. Because I have been doing this task for 3 times I failed in three times. I am expecting some one will help me.

Thanks in advance :pray: