Install and configure tomcat

Hi @Inderpreet

I have installed tomcat as per the question and configured to run it on port 8088 as per the question on app server 3. The task is failed saying that tomcat package is not installed on App Server 3

Could you please share the root cause why the task got failed even after getting the expected result.

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My task has also failed even though tomcat was configured correctly on port 6000.

If the tomcat package was not installed then how was I able to deploy the ROOT.war file on port 6000

The task needs to be more specific on which java and tomcat package to install and use.

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Hi @hprasanna @JDev

Sorry for this issue, question description needed to be updated as we want tomcat to be installed using yum. I have updated the question also marked this task as Pending for all users who failed it due to this issue. Please give it an another try.


Thank you @Inderpreet. I was able to complete the task successfully.

Hello JDev ,
I am facing problems deploying the war.file , can your provide some tips and tricks ? or some documentation helping us to do so .
I have installed a tomcat7 and copy the file in /var/lib/webapps , but I cannot see the logs to make sure my war file is deployed .
Can you help me ? thanks

Please make sure you installed tomcat with sudo yum install tomcat

One way to verify it was deployed successfully is to curl
That will be for App server 2, your task may be on a different server.

I used this resource, but remember not everything in this article applies.

Thanks man . I already succeeded to install tomcat and access to the management tool. I face the problem of deploying war file , you know what I mean ?
I copied that file war in the /var/lib/tomcat/webapps , but it seems not to work , that’s my problem.

Think it should go in this directory.


I have configured Tomcat as required and also put the war file in the appropriate folder, but I still failed task. What didI do wrong

Was the ROOT.war file copied in to the /usr/share/tomcat/webapps/ path?


Also after deploying the war file did you check the URL (using curl or something) if application was actually working ?

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Yes I copied it in there.

Thank you for ff up @Inderpreet I didn’t use curl. Just accessed the website as directed in the requirements.

Hi Indrapreet,
I am unable to do scp the ROOT.war file in my another machine in /var/lib/tomcat/webapps!
I’ve tried it many times using sudo and without sudo too!
It always says “Permission Denied”