Install and Configure Tomcat Server

Hi KodeKloud Team,
As part of the task, I installed and configured the apache tomcat server and also deployed the application successfully. PFA.

I failed in this task since I installed it manually by downloading tomcat apache tar from the apache website. In the task, it was nowhere mentioned that tomcat apache had to be installed using a specific method.

Could you please look into it, or allow me to work on the task again.



This was an issue from back end. This task is in Pending state for you again, please give it an another try.

Hi Inderpreet,

There is no ROOT.war at /tmp on jump host. Could you please keep the war there and put the task into pending state again.


Jayesh B

I installed and configured the server and deployed the war file on the given port as per the question but it failed. What could be the issue? Can I retry?

@sumshu Seems like you copied the ROOT.war to wrong location, you must have copied that to webapps rather than webapps/ROOT