Install And Configure SFTP- serverchange

Hi team,

Regarding the task Install And Configure SFTP, Actually I have started the task and it asked me to setup in Appserver 1 and i started doing that. But in the middle unfortunately my system got restarted and when i launched again , it came up with the new user name details , But regarding the server also it chnaged to appserver 3 ,which i didnt noticed it.

because of that I have started creating everything on appserver 1 instead of apperver 3, but when i submitted it was saying nothing is created. Then I came to know I did it in the wrong server.

Can you please give me an another chance regarding the task so that i can finish it on the correct server.

@vinodkumar4b9 that was unfortunate. Don’t worry about this failed task. You will be assigned these tasks in near future so enjoy the upcoming tasks.