Install and configure postgres SQL failed

I completed this activity but finally received message that “PostgreSQL is not configured correctly, either user ‘kodekloud_pop’ and database ‘kodekloud_db7’ does not exist or user ‘kodekloud_pop’ does not has appropriate permissions on database ‘kodekloud_db7’ on DB Server”. Please provide more details on what went wrong.
I followed below steps:

  1. Installed required packages for postgres
  2. Enabled postgres service successfully
  3. changed to user postgres
  4. Created md5 password for the plain text password
  5. Created db user with md5 password
  6. Create DB and granted all privileges to user
  7. Updated pg_hba.conf to use md5
    8 Updated postgresql.conf to permit all *
  8. Restarted postgres service
  9. test the db connection using these new credentials from root user or server’s sudo user.( postgres( both successful. Please see screen shot.


Hi, what is your KKE username ? or email ID.

ajaykanse is my user name

Any update on this ?