Install and Configure NFS server --

Hi @Inderpreet:

I actually successfully completed this task, and tested it myself by creating files under the mounted directory from all three app servers, and checking if I could see them all on the storage server. I also copied the index.html file to the storage server, and was able to see it from the app servers.

The only mistake I made was this: I created an additional, same-named folder under /var/www/code (/webdata), and mounted that to the storage server’s /webdata. So instead of /var/www/code/ directory being the mounted directory on the app servers, it was /var/www/code/webdata/ .

As you can see in the screenshot, the mount process was correctly done, and index.html was successfully copied to storage server’s /webdata. Then, it was successfully replicated to all app servers’ /var/www/code/webdata (instead of /var/www/code/)

Could this please be changed to success?

Thank you,


Hello, stevefozer
That’s not possible :pensive: . It’s good, you reviewed your solutions and found mistake. This task will assign you in near future. Keep ready for the upcoming tasks. :+1: