Install and Configure HaProxy LBR- Failed-curl succeeded though

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Can you please tell me what is wrong here? I attached screenshots from my solution:

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Hi @Inderpreet, can you please check this one?

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Hello, aeldemerdash
You have to write APP Server IP addresses instead of That’s the reason HAproxy load balancer not able to connect to app servers.
You are doing curl command and successfully executed because they are sat on that port.
I also noticed that you sat app server hosts name in the wrong block that’s serving up images, stylesheets instead of you need to set in the backends block, just bottom one and it’s already written in the commented statements.

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Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana,

I compared my config with this one here where @Inderpreet marked it as correct answer for antoniopp.

What is the difference?

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But if you noticed that default_backend sat to static and backend static. In your case, default_backend sat to app and backend app is for I hope you got my point.

Got it.

Thanks a lot.

Don’t worry in near future, you will get assigned this task again and will be successfully done by you. :+1:

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