Install and configure Db

Hi kodekloud support @kodekloud-support3
I have install and configured everything in db server and nfs server for wordpress to work.
I am able to view application from the load balancer url as well. but still it marked as failed.
I am attaching the screenshots here for reference.
Please help in this.


please share your assignment question

Hi roopal,

I haven’t save the question.


while installing wordpress
I followed these commands
on storage server
cd ~
tar xzvf latest.tar.gz
cd /data
change wp-config.php with database server detail
In wp-config. php set debug to true

and when this task assigned to me I had done in above mentioned steps and my task was success

Since It has all the files and directories why would I need to download the tar ball.
It’s not required right

Hi @Inderpreet I have installed and configured db server correctly but its still failing.
Can you please helm me in this.