In the RHCSA lab - Shell scripting" I don't see the below task running as expect . . .

In the RHCSA lab - Shell scripting" I don’t see the below task running as expected , even the given solution .what’s missing here ?

Aaron Lockhart:
@Ravi: The question isn’t asking for a process to be run. The question is asking you to create a shell script that would do certain things if it were to run. The script given in the solution:

1: Appends a single user input to the command yum.

2: Outputs Running the command: followed by the full command that would be formed using the user input.

3: Would run the full command formed with the user input.

The question does not require executing the script.

I’m going to add some clarification to the question to indicate that the user input should be given as an argument to the script. I think that might be where the confusion comes in if you’re trying to run it.

@Aaron Lockhart yes correct I was checking to run the script and see how it uses the user input variable

Aaron Lockhart:
@Ravi: It uses it as an argument, so it would be something like ./ [argument]

@Aaron Lockhart Thanks Aaron