I want to say something frankly premium course "Rhcsa 9" on the site kodekloud I . . .

motasem aljaafreh:
I want to say something frankly premium course “Rhcsa 9” on the site kodekloud It is not a correct course that it is Rhcsa 8 .
There are many modifications in the RHEL 9 version and are not found in the new course because all explanations are old on the Rhcsa 8 version.
It is not suitable to be a paid cycle

Aaron Lockhart:
When course development began, the exam version was based on RHEL 8. The course is being updated where necessary to accomodate changes specific to RHEL 9. Both exam versions are still available from Red Hat, so the course covers RHEL 8 with the mentioned on-going RHEL 9 updates.

If you find something you do not understand, or something that has not yet been updated, please feel free to reach out to me. I will be glad to assist and to update the material as quickly as possible where needed for RHEL 9.

@Aaron Lockhart so which exams should we buy, the rhel 8 or 9 when finishing the courses ?

Aaron Lockhart:
Red Hat has officially moved the exam to RHEL 9, so at some point, the RHEL 8 option will disappear. I would suggest focusing on RHEL 9, since it’s here to stay.

What changed in version 9 of the exam and what should I focus on before taking the exam?

Dear @lockhart.aaron and @kodekloud

Could you please provide an update on this ?
Whether RHCSA course has been updated to RHEL 9 .