I passed CKA with 84% yesterday. • New PSI platform was stable • Questions are . . .

I passed CKA with 84% yesterday.

• New PSI platform was stable
• Questions are provided with the http://kubernetes.io|kubernetes.io doc link, which can be used to refer easily by clicking on the topic name.
• I took exam with 15 inch macbook, where zoom out option in the PSI browser helped me to fit everything in the screen. ( bigger display will be an advantage, but you can manage with 15inch when you zoom out )
• Search can be performed in the browser, but use settings menu -> find in page option. ( Try in firefox browser before exam )
• kodekloud Mock Exam/lighting lab could have included few more questions on topics like ingress, and clusterrole/role clusterrolebinding/rolebinding.
• Time is good enough to complete the exam.
• Killer.sh simulator is almost same as exam, but real exam works in a different browser (PSI)
• Copy paste works fine ( Control + shift + c/v )
• Make sure your desk is clean, no writings on the wall or anywhere in the room.
• My connection speed was 100Mbps, but I was getting 80Mbps which does the job. ( I recommend 100+ Mbps speed )
• Try to schedule exam in non-peak hours, I took it on 12:30am. ( I failed to write exam because of the connection once as my network speed was 50Mbps and scheduled at 09:30pm, I had to open a support ticket and got one more chance. It may not be possible for everyone, don’t take risk )
• Don’t get stuck in the question if you feel it’s difficult. use flag option to keep a mark on the question and come back once all others are done.
• First few questions were difficult for me, So I flagged them and move on to the rest which was easy for me. Then I came back and finished flagged questions.
• I wasted few mins on editing existing resource, as I was adding the same block twice. if you are editing existing resource, make sure you read everything what’s already there and add your configs.
• Best of luck for all who are going to attend the exam, No need to panic, stay calm, and attend.

Pedro B.:
Hi, can you explain how to zoom out in the PSI browser? Is it a button or shortcut?

There will be - and + button towards the top right corner, in the PSI browser.

I took this from internet, please see the browser interface. This is how it looks before the exam starts. once the proctor verifies our identity and the room, Chat box will be closed and Killer.sh simulator like page will be loaded in this PSI browser.

non-peak hours - In what timezone 12:30 AM??

Non-peak hour in local time zone. I’m in Bangalore, India so It’s IST for me.

Try running the system requirement test on the time when you are planning to attend the exam.

If your connection is good enough, it may not be needed to schedule on non-peak time.

Thanks Shafeeq. I am also from Bangalore.

Quick question, the killer.sh scenario simulation has VS code Editor. So does the real exam also has a VS Code editor ?

I think, yes. But I used vi in terminal

Yes!. you can use vs code


Visual Code editor only available for JSNAD and JSNSD exams not for CKA and CKAD exams

Congratulations @Shafeeq and thanks for sharing your experience.

congratulations Shafeeq, I am taking ckad tomrrow, so are voter card and adhaar card enough for verification ?


Please check the accepted ID list here: Frequently Asked Questions: CKA and CKAD & CKS - T&C DOCS (Candidate Facing Resources)

Good luck on your exam,

I passed CKAD with 89% last week and now I am taking CKA this weekend.

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