I have passed CKA exam with 97 percent score. Thanks a ton for Mumshad for such . . .

Vijay Nadgir:
I have passed CKA exam with 97 percent score. Thanks a ton for Mumshad for such a wonderful course with lots of hands-on exercises. These hands-on were the key to grasp the concepts. Also thanks a lot for @unnivkn for answering all my doubts and questions. Most important part of this k8s journey is enjoying the learning process. Wishing all the aspirants all the best.

I did not practice KTHW, but created 3 VM’s k8s cluster on my laptop ( virtual-box, vagrant) and repeated most exercise on local cluster on version 1.22.

My first attempt at killer.sh got 77 in first attempt and 98 in second attempt ( within 2 hour time). Killer.sh have longer questions and multiple tasks in every question. Makes sure that you continue and solve all problems even after 2 hour.

reading k8s docs and repeating tasks ( from k8s docs) on your local cluster is important.

Exam experience:

• I used only two aliases or shortcuts ( alias k=kubectl and export do="–dry-run=clien -o yaml")
• Quick checking-in no issue there.
• In middle of exam my browser frozen and i have to refresh browser and i got reconnected within 2 minutes. Thank god, i had my heart in mouth in those two minutes.
• Question instructions were much clearer than killer.sh and also the notepad is also much better usable in actual exam
• If you manage time well and practice well, time is not much of an issue, i was able to finish with 20 mins left, but had two questions in doubt

Adeola Adefolaju:
Congratualtions and well done @Vijay Nadgir :clap:

Congratulations @Vijay Nadgir great job!!!

Congrats @Vijay Nadgir !