I am very happy to share that I have passed CKA exam with 85 score! Thanks to @M . . .

uday bhanu dutta:
I am very happy to share that I have passed CKA exam with 85 score! Thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth and entire team for help and guidance! Specially the tips given by all the members here, to cope up with PSI environment is really helpful. My experience with PSI environment is as follows -

  1. Check-in process is smooth.
  2. Very difficult to give the exam in 13/14/15 inch laptop. I have hardly able to see the k8 documentations page.
  3. Copy pasting is slow from k8 documentation page.
  4. Exam UI is ok, after 10 mins you will not feel that laggy.
  5. After 1 hour, I have also felt that the the exam environment was sometimes lagging a bit, it may happen due to the fluctuations of internet speed.

Sit for the exam after preparation. PSI is working quite well with little lagging which everyone can manage. Mostly try, not to check k8 documentation. By the way, my internet speed was 60Mbps only.
uday-bhanu-dutta-60b65d2c-c054-4681-8adf-7a6260b0be6c-certificate.pdf (701 KB)

Thejas KA:
Congrats :tada:


vaikunda jothi:

Neeraj Vohra:

Prithviraj Singh:
Congratulations :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Arko Roy:
Congratulations @uday bhanu dutta. For manifests yaml can we search it in official k8s documentation (without copying anything) or it’s still laggy while searching too? As it is tough to remember all the manifests.

uday bhanu dutta:
Hi @Arko Roy - Yes, that is true. But it will be not smooth. It is a bit lagging when you try to open k8s documentation and copy/paste it in your exam workspace. But not to worry, PSI now is way more stable.

Sai Ashirvad M:
Congrats !!

Congratulations Uday!!

One question: do we have the option to expand the terminal in exam after reading the question… as we have in kodekloud ?

uday bhanu dutta:
Hi Niket - I haven’t find anything regarding that. Also I haven’t paid attention to it.

Tej Singh Rana:
Congratulations @uday bhanu dutta :partying_face: very well done!! :clap:

Rajesh Kollipara:
@uday bhanu dutta congrats !! Are we able to search in the k8s documentation by key works like cmd + f(search) with the key words like Nodeport etc…

uday bhanu dutta:
If you take exam from laptop then it will be very difficult

Mahesh Kadam:
@uday bhanu dutta @Thejas KA Please let me know how the copy paste worked in the exam. I am using the set pastetoggle=<F3> but it diddn’t worked for me in the exam.
What are the steps you used to copy paste from the docs to yaml file without disturbing the indentetation?
Do you remember set paste is already there in vimrc file?

Copy from doc .
In vi file
: set paste and then paste( control+shift+v )
I did and it work fine
problem I faced with inserting <http://text.in|text. I tried to use insert key button in> keyboard and it does not work , Linux foundation says they block it for security reasons
So lesson learned that always used i instead of insert key in keyboard

I did all the time set paste in each file and not configured in vimrc file

Mahesh Kadam:
@Piyush so have you done set nopaste after pasting the content?

Mahesh Kadam:
i am observing the blank space added while pasting

@Mahesh no I have not done set nopaste
It works for me

uday bhanu dutta:
@Mahesh Kadam I have used :set paste in the exam and it worked