I am unable to connect to Stork DC Storage Filer server to complete the Linux Postfix troubleshooting task. Please help as I need to complete task by today evening..!

Hi Team,

Regarding the mentioned one I am unable to connect to any of servers. Please help.

Hi @Ayman team can you please help on priority…

Hello, @NareshK
Can you please provide error screenshot with question?

I am unable to login to any of the servers only. That is the issue…!!

What is the question?

Some users of the monitoring app have reported issues with xFusionCorp Industries mail server. They have a mail server in Stork DC where they are using postfix mail transfer agent. Postfix service seems to fail. Try to identify the root cause and fix it.

Above one is the question/task, to fix that issue, I need to ssh to Stork DC Storage Filer server right.That I am unable to do from past 2 days. Can you able to help…!!

What’s the IP address are you using to SSH? – IP

Getting the below error

ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host

Nop, you are trying on the wrong server.
Please find the attached screenshot.

Yeah while sharing the IP address I got the issue. Thanks for clarifying.

Credentials and Mail server IP address is already given in this page.

Thanks for sharing and your time.

Hi Team, even after read this post I’m still a bit confused.

The task says [ They have a mail server in the Stork DC ]. In the documentation I can see [ stratus DC, apollo DC, Jade Lake DC, Phoenix DC ], is there another docs I’ve to take a look?

Even there are a server which look like a mail server in the [Stratos DC], called [stmai01], this one is not listed in the documentation mentioned earlier in this post, also bellow in this message.

Please, could you help me to clarify what am I doing wrong?


Thank you very much for your time.


Hi @raul.souza ,
Are you talking about the same task which I shared above?

Please go with the Nautilus Mail Server.

Ok, I’m going there.

Thank you very much.