I am not understanding how to use Terraform labs

How do I open the directories and work on labs,
Can someone help me out

In the terminal use cd - How to Use the cd Command on Linux (howtogeek.com)

or, In the file explorer of Visual Studio Code navigate the folder tree

I would recommend you do an introduction to Linux Basics as you are going to struggle with Terraform.

I noticed that too, Labs are extremely slow when clicking, opening files and performing any CLI. takes forever to complete (very annoying).

@A-V if you mention which lab and step you are having trouble with we can take a look at it.

Hi There, thanks for the response. In general any TF Labs where the task is to create/edit configuration files. Cursor doesn’t respond, tried resetting twice but no luck.

Do you have a link to the lab that is not working?

Hi, I can run the LINUX commands properly in the previous Chapter but when it comes to the Terraform module, I do not understand how to run commands.

If you follow the course it will teach you the commands. If you have a specific question then please raise it on a new thread.