I am not getting whats wrong, i have did all the things what have given

i have sufficient permisions but error showing like no permission. please let me know whats wrong here.

@vishnu123sai To request for assistance, you need to provide the task details or at the least title of the task so someone can assist you.

Also summary of what you did could give us an idea where you might have gone wrong. Like conf files details and db permissions , etc… Your screenshot doesn’t tell much.

Lastly, before posting any new topic, refer to the previous topics also. You will find lots of help for the same.

@kleansoul, actually the task is to install and configure postgres , i am able to create a user an d provided the permissions to login. and i am able to login but i am not able to understand why i am failed. and the error is the user created has no permissions nor created.

Hello, vishnu123sai
Have you provided privileges to user to access database ?

yes, i have provided the privileges

i have used this command

“grant all privileges on database kodekloud_db3 to kodekloud_gem;”

Did you verified the privileges by \l \dg+ \db+ \dp commands?
Also can you confirm your pg_hba.conf setup?
Lastly did you restarted the postgresql services after the changes?

@kleansoul, yes i configure pg_hba.conf and restrated the postgres

i Gave privilages but not tested with this \l \dg+ \db+ \dp