I am happy to share that I was able to clear the CKA exam successfully. Thanks t . . .

I am happy to share that I was able to clear the CKA exam successfully. Thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth and Udemy. KodeKloud labs are just awesome and those are enough to clear the certification. Resources I used are Udemy course and the below link for network policies. Special thanks to @Tej_Singh_Rana @Mohamed Ayman @Pratik Patel @Nicolas G. for responding to my questions on slack. It was really helpful…


congratulations… any suggestion what topics required more attention. I am getting hard time to study the Networking topic so wondering if I skip this will it make it difficult to clear the exam.

@Dinesh Thank you. I don’t recommend skipping it… please go through course material and above github link and make sure that you will get all questions correct in first try for all the labs…

Thank you, will do so then

Pratik Patel:
Congratulations @K8ns :tada:

Mohamed Ayman:
Congratulations!! Well Done!

@Dinesh I faced one issue during exam… I was planning to use 2 monitors and placed laptop beside 2 external monitors. Because of which proctor was able to see me only side way and he did not agree for it… At the end I had to to use one monitor and place the laptop infront of the second monitor so that he can see me fully. If you are planning to use 2 monitors, please make sure to arrange monitors and laptop before hand so that the proctor can see you clearly. Because of this issue, my exam started at 1:45PM instead of scheduled time 1PM. However proctor gave me 2 hours starting 1:45 to complete exam. Another issue I faced was, proctor was randomly asking me to show my hands while writing the exam randomly to ensure that I don’t have any smart watch on my hand. In a hurry, I entered exit twice in the terminal and exam session got closed. proctor responded immediately and asked me reload the terminal and all my answers were saved… However I lost around few minutes of time… Please double check and type “EXIT”… since reloading of the exam terminal takes time…

Congratulations @K8ns :hugging_face:
Thanks to share your experience. :+1:

Thanks for sharing the information

Nicolas G.:
happy for you @K8ns, congratulations !