I am excited to announce that I have successfully passed the Certified Kubernete . . .

Hrittik Roy:
I am excited to announce that I have successfully passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam just before my third year of university starts. :rocket:

Thank you to the team for providing such a clear learning path from Docker to CKA.

One of the most critical things people say is that it’s very difficult to manage time, but I didn’t find that to be the case as I have been practicing a lot of labs.

For the exam env, because the built-in browser does not display the entire page, I find that resizing the questions and work area on a regular basis is extremely useful instead of fiddling with the small window. I forgot a few things between the exam and the lab, so I enlarged my browser and scanned the documents, and I found the answers very quickly; the documents contain all of the answers if you have the habit of looking carefully while practicing your labs.

Lastly, 66 is the passing score, so there’s some room if you get the questions wrong, so it’s okay if you get stuck in b/w, but make sure you’re in the correct context when answering the questions.


Ly Quoc Bao:
Congrats :tada::tada:

Trung Tran:

Shwetha Shenoy V:
Congratulations! Do ensure that you keep practicing. K8s Certifications attract k8s questions. :innocent:

Wai Yan Pyae Sone:
Congratulations :tada::tada: @Hrittik Roy

Hrittik Roy:
Thanks everyone :handshake: Yes, Shwetha starting with CKAD prep so practice doesn’t stop :man_dancing: