Httpd task failed

as per my concern everything is okay but don’t know why task got failed.
Koi h kya yaha jo help kare lolzz :expressionless:

@Inderpreet this one also.


I think in this question you were asked to create a directory in /var/www/html i.e in Apache’s default document root. So in that case let say if you were asked to create data directory then your test URL should be like (if testing locally)
curl -I -u kirsty http://localhost:8080/data

Also it was asked to copy an existing index.html file in this directory, did you miss that too ?

There is a file /tmp/index.html placed on Jump Server. Copy the same to new directory you created, please make sure default document root should remain /var/www/html.

I copied file from jump host.

still waiting @Inderpreet


Like I mentioned above (by giving an example) the main reason for your task failure is you made /var/www/html/dba default document root of Apache so your setup was working fine on URL http://localhost:8080 however as per question description it is mentioned that:
please make sure default document root should remain /var/www/html.

So your URL should have been http://localhost:8080/dba. I hope it clears your doubt.