How to resolve crashloopbackoff state

pods for my application are restarting and going to crashlopbackoff state, where we can check for issues

Hello @Virendra-Singh-Tanwa,
Please provide us with a screenshot of the describe command for the crashed pod

You should be able to get the log or some helpful information by using following command:

kubectl describe pod {podName}
kubectl logs {podName}

It will give you better insights into why the pod failed to start.


Hi @Virendra-Singh-Tanwa,
Please check out this page. Briefly explanation about the CrashLoopBackOff.
What is Kubernetes CrashLoopBackOff?

KodeKloud Support

this is the error message

Hello @Virendra-Singh-Tanwa,

It looks like the application error from my point of view, you need to read the log and see the line of code that has exceptions, or maybe add some more logs from the application to know why the container failed to start.