How to reattemp/redo skipped and expired task

Hi team, I have missed 2 tasks due to my health issue and one task has been skipped beause of terminal and UI issue i was not able to open that task and do that

so I want to do this task again (2 expired and 1 skipped )

so can you pls tell how can i do that . it will be great help if you can allow and help me for the same

Hi @ashub056,
Can you please share your KKE username? I will look into it.


yes sure thanks for your response
Name : Asha Bulani

Hi @ashub056,
I have marked skipped task as pending.


I have removed the email address, KKE username is enough.

Thanks @Tej-Singh-Rana what about the expired/incomplete task which is showing on my dashboard pls do the helpful for same as well

It is one year old. I can’t help.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana could you please mark my skipped task as well as pending? Cheers, appreciated!
Username: mvndrl

@Tej-Singh-Rana I mistakingly tapped on skipped button. can the question be restored? username : buelersandra


I am closing this topic.