How to Install vagrant either with oracle virtual box or fusion on mac os with arm chipset

Hi Team,

When i am trying to give vagrant up command its asking me to give the --provider , however when i am installing virtual box its erroring out so as the case in vmware fusion , both are throwing error , provide steps in this regard

Hello, @phanikrishna111
Can you please share the error screenshot?

Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana : Please find attached

Please provide detailed steps on how to make vagrant up on mac M1 with ARM Chipset

Hey @phanikrishna111 I don’t think virtual box works with M1 Macs yet. I’m also working on an M1 MacBook and ran into the same problem. Try using parallels pro. you’ll need to us parallels pro since the pro edition allows you to ssh into your vm. I think we’re in uncharted waters when following the course since we aren’t able to get centos either. I’m hoping this will work ubuntu20! best of luck!