How to install docker-desktop on RHEL

I am trying to install the docker-desktop on RHEL. I am unable to find RPM package. I search full documents . Install Docker Desktop on RHEL | Docker Docs

  1. Download the latest RPM package. (No Hyper link)

For Linux fedora it’s working fine. But I want to install on RHEL

According to the docs on Docker’s site, it appears to install similar to Fedora. Did you try the instructions and not have them work?

  1. Download the latest RPM package.

Simply run

dnf update

as the repository to get the RPM was added in setp 1

Hi Alistair,

I tired to update repo. But package is not available.

Hi Rob,

I tried with fedora package (rpm). But it’s not working. Same rpm is working fine in fedora.

Did you do the Prerequisites for doing the install, as instructed by your link? If you did not, then you would not be able to install the package.