How to increase buffer size of the kode kloud playground terminal

I ran a simple command of kubectl get pods -A -o json to get output in json format and practice related to the questions.,

However the terminal is unable to show the entire output, and the data from the root till some level is mising,

How to increase the buffer size so that i can get the entire output.

Hi @octgcp8,
Please use the less command or redirect the data to some file.

kubectl get pods -A -o json | less 


kubectl get pods -A -o json | tee -a file-name.json


Thanks mate, let me try and get back to you. Actually i redirected the data to a file but even that file i cannot scroll as I needed.

Hey Tej,

I tried to run the less on the kubernetes play groud but was giving me the errror -su less : command not found.

However, i extracted the output to a file and used more file1.json and now i can read it more efficiently


Please share the playground URL and the exact command you run.