How to check course syllabus or summary of a course

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hi all,
In order to plan my schedule, how to check no of hours a course takes?
The below screenshot does not contain the information I am looking for.
Earlier I some whare saw in course page which was giving a summary like information i.e. no of hours particular course takes. I hope my question is clear?

I was referring to a similar kind of page for every course.

Eagerly waiting for your inputs.

This course is about 5.5 hours long if you only consider the videos. There are about 20 odd labs which would take about 20 mins each in general.

I see what you mean. Once you are enrolled it always takes you to the course view page. To see the course description page right-click the course and open it in incognito window.

Or you can view a course from the home page. That will also take you to the course description page directly.

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Thank you!