How many pipeline we create

Hi, I am new to Devops, Can any body please tell me Is there any criteria on which we decide how may pipelines we are going to create or we create it on our feasibility. how we decide how may pipeline we will create for example we have 3 microservices and 3 environments (Dev, testing, prod)

When designing CI/CD pipelines for a project with multiple microservices and environments, you typically create separate pipelines for each microservice to ensure isolated and independent processes. Within each pipeline, include stages for different environments (Dev, Testing, Prod) to allow controlled promotion of changes. The choice between modular and monolithic pipelines depends on the project’s complexity, team structure, and the capabilities of the CI/CD tools used.

Generally, separate pipelines for each microservice with environment-specific stages enhance scalability, maintainability, and efficient handling of environment-specific configurations.